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BIG GAME FISHING for Giant Tuna & Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin & Dorado June to October

  • Giant Tuna March & April

  • Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and Albacore March to September

  • Wahoo and Dorado November to January

Tuna fishing at it's best

If your a fan of wicked Tuna then let me tell you this is your chance to experience the real thing. The Bluefin Tuna arrive each season in March and are around until May. When fishing from La Gomera you can get Bluefin to 900 lbs. In 2016 ,our first full season we had a number of fish around 800 lbs. We also catch Bigeye tuna and Yellowfin. If you add into the mix Albacore and Skipjack tuna then you start to get a picture of the wonderful fishing available.


The Blue Marlin arrive in June when the water temperature starts to rise. La Gomera is well known for fish up to and over 1000 lbs. A Marlin of 1160 lbs was taken in 2016. Our fishing starts just outside the harbour as we head south. The fishing is done south of La Gomera over depths between 1000 feet and 2000 feet. You will be fishing 5 minutes from the marina. In 2017 for 28 days we have had 17 Marlin and landed 8.

General & bottom fishing

Recently we have started to explore the varied bottom fishing using live bait and jigs. We have had fantastic fishing with Barracuda to 20 lbs, Grouper to 14 lbs. We have also caught various other species on light tackle. The weather is fantastic all year round and on most days even when fishing 10 miles offshore you are fishing in great conditions and wall to wall sunshine.