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Banks,Reefs,Wrecks and tide rips

  • May : Cod and Coalfish start to move inshore and the wrecks are full of big ling. We encourage anglers only to catch the ling they want to eat for personal consumption,therefore they must be filleted and put on ice the day of capture.

  • June/July : Cod,Coalfish and ling are on all the inshore marks. Haddock to 7/8 lbs start showing up. Halibut can also be taken along with the odd Turbot. In my season 2019 i had 12 Halibut and 9 Turbot come aboard without targeting them.

  • August/Sept : Mackerel normally show up in good numbers and the fishing with either a live bait or dead bait can bring great results with some really big fish. In the last 5 years anglers have had Cod to 46 lbs with many fish in the 30 to 40 lbs bracket.